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566 Frames

566 Frames

Dennis Wojda's enchanting history of his family from Russia via Sweden to Poland. featuring Jimi Hendrix, Abba and a baby with glasses!



The second Borderline Press release is a chillingly graphic collection of stories about the dead who walk... Featuring a host of creators – known and unknown – Zombre is 20 tales guaranteed to make your flesh crawl and keep your lights on at night (or maybe off, just in case the zombies see your lamp...)

City Of Crocodiles

City of Crocodiles

Coming in March: Knut Larsson's City of Crocodiles

Hunger House

The Hunger House

When Fredi and Elsa are forced to live with foster parents after the death of their mother, they encounter more than they bargain for, when, in direct defiance of their new guardians, they explore the old haunted house with shattering repercussions.

Zombies Can't Swim Banner

Zombies Can't Swim

What would you do if there really was a zombie apocalypse? San Francisco-based writer/artist Kim Herbst's debut comic answers that question. Set in semi-rural Japan and armed with just samurai swords can the star-crossed lovers survive?

Seth And Ghost

If a very popular TV show and comic book had been produced by us this is what it would have been like.

Verity Fair

Who is Verity Bourneville? She's a bit-part actress and occasional drunken buffoon, with sticky-out ears, a heart of gold and too many miles on the clock, in search of a decent role and a good night's sleep.


Spoko - pronounced: Spoh-koh. Issue No:1 - Birds. The phoenix from the ashes - four tales in a square format, 48-page, comic. Jamie Lewis, Tomas Kucerovsky, Sylwia Restecka and more.

Zombie Top Tens

Published 10/18/2013 12:00:00 AM by Glenn Carter

Borderline Press’s Top 10 Zombie Related Songs

(in no particular order)

  1. Kernkraft400 - Zombie Nation
  2. Roky Erikson - I Walked With A Zombie
  3. The Cramps - Zombie Dance
  4. The Gonk - De Wolfe Music
  5. Send More Paramedics - Zombie Sweetheart
  6. Zombie Love - The Jazz Butcher
  7. Cool Zombie - Adam Ant
  8. Love Zombies - The Monochrome Set
  9. Living Dead Girl - Rob Zombie
  10. Zomby Woof – Frank Zappa


Will’s top 10 zombie movies in chronological order:

The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - 1920

Possibly my all time favourite movie. This concerns a ‘somnambulist’ called Cesar who, under the spell of Dr Caligari, commits murders by his command.  It may or may not be a dream.  It may just be the ravings of a madman.  But God is it good!  Atmospheric doesn’t cover it and the expressionist sets are a dislocated joy.


White Zombie - 1932

Possibly the first feature length Zombie movie that revolves around a young woman is transformed into one of the walking dead by an evil voodoo master. Wonderfully atmospheric although the acting is best described as ‘ropey’.  Bela Lugosi is, of course, mad as a balloon


Plague of the Zombies - 1966

More Haitian shenanigans as an Evil Man™,who appears to have holidayed in Haiti, raises the recently dead in Cornwall for no adequately explored reason. Hammer at it’s finest and cheapest.


The Crazies -  1973

A lesser known Romero movie that dresses up the idea of Zombies as a technological accident, rather than the result of supernatural agency.  The US Government deposits large quantites of an experimental neuro-toxin into the water supply of a small town in Pennsylvania.  The unexpected result is that those infected go on a rabid homicidal spree.  It’s a grim and bleak exploration of a town screwed over by the government who then refuse to help the people it has screwed over.  A commentary on Vietnam, apparently.  Remade recently.  It was shit.


Shivers - 1975

David Cronenberg dissects the sexual freedom of the sixties.   A movie about a sexually transmitted parasite that essentially turns it’s host into a zombie bent on propagating the species.  Bleak.

Reanimator -  1985

Lovecraft’s tale of Herbert West is an all time classic of the horror genre.  The movie bears only a passing resemblance, but has enough of the beats to make it worthwhile.  Hilarious and scary by turns, Reanimator is a work of twisted genius.  The team of Stuart Gordon/Brian Yuzna never quite recaptured the magic, despite trying many, many times. 


Day of the Dead - 1985

Another Romero and the least liked of the original trilogy.  Funny that.  Is it because it actually had a plot? 


The Serpent and the Rainbow- 1988

Wes Craven’s study of Haitian Voodou practices loosely based on the book by Wade Davis, an expert on ethnobotanical poisons. Little in the way brain-eating shenanigans and is mostly remembered for the scene in which Davis’ – or rather the character based on him – has his scrotum is nailed to a wooden chair. Lightheartedness aside, this does a good job of explaining how and where the myth of zombies originated.


Resident Evil - 2002

Had I ever played the games, I might be up in arms about the movie and how little it resembles them.   As it stands, I don’t give a toss.  I like this movie, yes it’s silly, but if you can buy into the idea of reanimated dead people, then this isn’t really that much of a stretch. Worth it for the killer scene with the lasers.


I Am Legend - 2007

Wait.   Are these zombies or vampires or what?  Who cares.  There have been three versions of this, under different names. The only one that has come close to the Matheson book is the recent relatively Will Smith version, especially if you watch the DVD extras. And lets be honest, it doesn’t come that close. It may be a bit CGI heavy, but that doesn’t detract from a solid and affecting central performance and an unexpected – and often unnoticed – ray of hope at the end.

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